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The "Artist Archetype" Quiz...

Unlock the secrets of your artistic journey with our archetype quiz! 

Dive deep into your creative path and discover the archetype that best defines your approach to the music business. 

From visionary entrepreneurs to passionate hobbyists, this quiz will illuminate your strengths, challenges, and unique path in the world of creativity. 

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The Musician's Dilemma

To go all-in, or not to go all-in, that is the dilemma...

I wrote this book from 10 years of learning lessons the hard way as a young aspiring artist, and now you get to learn the easy way.

The Musician's Dilemma dives into exactly how you balance the transition from hobbyist to professional while getting a clear picture of the NEW music business...

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Band Progress Workbook

Dive into seven phases designed to skyrocket your band's career. 

From fine-tuning your sound to amassing a devoted fanbase and mastering promotion tactics, each step is your secret weapon to conquering the music industry. 

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to tangible progress!

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Side-Hustle Starter-Kit

Ready to fund your music business with something besides grinding at a 9-5?

Introducing the 'Side Hustle Starter Kit' for Artists!

Unleash your creative potential with 72 innovative side hustle ideas designed to help you break free from the daily grind.

From selling your masterpieces online to hosting workshops, freelance gigs, and beyond, this comprehensive guide is your ticket to progress towards financial independence.

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Let's work together! 👋

I currently offer limited consultation and mentorship slots for artists, management and labels. The consultation is tailored towards your needs, but normally focuses around offer structures, entrepreneurship strategies and marketing to gain new fans.

✅ Curate and develop business strategies

✅ In-depth analysis of your systems so you can focus on growth

✅ Dedicated goals to focus on and execute

✅ Working on career progression and maximising on opportunity

You can book a 1 hour consultation initially (using the link below). After you have processed the link, I will be in touch within 24 hours to organise your consultation.

Our Mission...

Our mission is to turn the average artist or musician into skilled entrepreneurs who understand the foundations of turning their passion into profit.

We will use every advanced business strategy and tactic available to help monetize our creativity so we can build the kind of lives we've always wanted.

We're not shy about our ambition to have our music heard by as many people as possible.

We use our music to make a difference in other peoples lives while fulfilling our desire for creativity.

Our prime goal is to build a music business that provides our fans with value, and in return for that value, the fans will support us.

We hold ourselves accountable for where we are at in our lives because we know we are the ones who can change it.

It's time to ignite the music business that's been burning inside of us from the day we knew we wanted to do this for the rest of our lives.

Our Values...


1) Your family isn't always blood, but it is always the most meaningful thing in life.
2) Never blame family for the reason you're not where you want to be in your career.
3) Never sacrifice your family for wealth.
4) The most important people in life deserve you fully present with them, leave work during work hours.
5) Act out the type of relationships you want in your family by leading by example.
6) Trust should be at the foundation of every family or relationship.
7) Audit your circle of influence to keep bad influences out of the circle of trust.


1) Taking care of your mental health is equally as important as your physical health.
2) A healthy body helps keep a healthy mind.
3) Never sacrifice your health for wealth.
4) Looking your best can benefit your music career.
5) Never abuse hard drugs and/or alcohol.
6) Maximize alkalinity and minimize acidity in your diet.
7) Always talk about things that are deeply bothering you.


1) There is nothing wrong with using your art to provide you a comfortable living.
2) Profit is not evil, profit gives you the ability to make more of an impact towards what you care about.
3) The music business owes you nothing, it only rewards hard work and consistent growth.
4) Don't whine about the game before you know all the rules.
5) Never be a complainer because there is nothing a bad attitude can't make worse.
6) Always test before you dismiss something you see other artists using successfully.
7) Never do for yourself what someone you know could do better for you.

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